BATAVIA/ 4th & 5th ward meeting brings up River street bridge closure, Holland Land Office funding and a lot more

The 4th and 5th wards in the City of Batavia held a meeting for residents on Saturday morning to discuss many topics impacting the City of Batavia and Genesee County.

County Manager Jay Gsell answered questions about the sale of the County Nursing Home, a funding plan for the Holland Land Office, the River street Bridge project, which will close the bridge down over the summer for about four months, and water supply.

Jason Molino, City Manager, discussed the River street bridge project, a new police station, flood insurance, truck and traffic issues, Vibrant Batavia, volunteerism, the new stadium/traffic, Redfield Parkway pillars, sidewalks, parking, tree master plan, water pipes/lead?, zombie houses, community gardens, an update on the mall and the 2017-18 budget highlights.

There were about 15 people in attendance.

Jay Gsell, County Manager, Jason Molino, City Manager, Al McGinnis, City Councilman, Kathy Briggs, City Councilwoman and Ed DeJaneiro, Genesee County Legislator were made available to residents who had questions.

The meeting was held at the Holland Land Office from 10a.m.-noon.

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