BATAVIA/Town of Batavia Fire installs officers, Boyle is Top Responder and Firefighter of the Year

The Town of Batavia Fire Department held it’s 2018 Installation Banquet on Saturday evening at Terry Hills, installing Officers for 2018 and recognizing members who help keep the volunteer department going.

The department responded to 326 alarms, putting in 2,435 hours.

Firefighter of the Year/Top Responder of the Year:  Joshua Boyle

“This particular firefighter stuck out to me in terms of his work ethic, his attitude and the way he conducts himself for the age that he is,” says Chief Dan Coffey.

“He is a mature individual, he is at the fire station ready to work, he will do anything you ask for, he is very active in our fire prevention activities and active in fire calls and training, all while balancing a very busy schedule, going to school, managing the job and family obligations.”

President’s Award:         Gary Diegelman

Service Award:                  Renee Long

Service Award: Charter member Earl Dorman (Original founding member in 1948)

The Department is celebrating 70 years this year and recognized Dorman for all the work he put in helping create the Department in 1948.


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