GENESEE COUNTY/Chamber of Commerce opens at new location near the thruway

It has been almost a three year project that began in April of 2015, and today the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Center has opened up at their new location at 8276 Park road, across from the Sheriff’s Office.

“It’s all about location,” says Chamber President Tom Turnbull.

“It’s location, location location. The big challenge here was the building wasn’t ideal when we bought it, but we have been able to renovate it to make it this shiny new facility, it is perfect for our needs”

The building, a two story house, was previously a physical therapy business.

“By the the end of this year there will be 1,000 hotel rooms within a half mile of this location. It is now our job to encourage visitors to explore deeper into the county to shop and enjoy the many fine services and businesses that are available.”

Turnbull says he loved having the office in the City of Batavia, but by the time tourists hit the city, they could not influence where they were going.

In 2007, the Chamber and Town of Batavia were looking into a joint facility around the corner on City property on Park Road, but that location did not come to fruition after Elba and Oakfield backed out of creating a joint courts facility inside the proposed Chamber Office  on the City owned property on Park road.

Elba and Oakfield now share a new courts facility in Oakfield.

The lower level of the building contains a Visitor Center and the upper level is where the Chamber offices are located.

Smart Design and Whitney East Construction helped to transform the ranch home into a center for tourists to visit as they enter Genesee County off the NYS Thruway.

“Tourists have significant impact on our economy in the County,” says Ray Cianfrini, Chairman of the Genesee County.

The Chamber paid for the reconstruction along with money from a bed tax surplus.

USG donated sheet rock for the project.

The Chamber will be open Monday through Friday 8:304:30 and they can be reached at 585-343-7440.

Here is a link to their Facebook page…

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